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Welcome to my blog, home of my drawings or whatever my hands produce. Thanks for stoppin' by.

Time to catch up

Black and red

Some recent work

Black and pink ballpoint pen

And also, I scanned my girlfriend and her cat today


Mah gurl

Buy 10 meters of paper, tape and slam it on a wall.
Have awesome girlfriend, a free sunday, paint and get started!
Result after 30 minutes:

I drew the guy with his head in the clouds and Enea did the awesomely painted girl!
Go and look at my talented girlfriend's blog, she's doing a lot of cool stuff!

Some drawings:

Saw the new spongebob movie :v


Looking for work!

Soooo, I'm always looking for comissions, work or a way to make something of my drawing.
If you're interested in buying one of my works, or you want me to create something for you, you can always contact me at Robin_Goethals@hotmail.com
And please don't hesitate to share this picture with people who might be interested!

Long ago on this blog..

... I posted drawings! So it's about time to start doing that again. Here is some of the stuff I've created lately.

One of the skateboards I designed for Suspect Skateboards!
I've also made others, which will follow soon.
Thanks a lot Suspect!